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 "Here Is Where You Can Find Someone Who Might Understand and Listen."

I want to share an early morning email interaction that our partner and editorial director Nancy Schonwalter, recently had with a family caregiver:

Dear Caregiver

I was desperate to talk with someone who could understand. I googled "care giver support"  and your website came up. I think you should know that I did not get any help from your website as it requires some sort of login…


Dear AM

Our website does not require any log in except for the discussion forum where you can read all the comments w/o logging in but need to create a log in order to post a comment. If you could be more specific in what you were trying to do or what kind of support you are looking for, we would be happy to try to help you.

Nancy Schonwalter

Dear Nancy

Thank you so much for your kind response. Actually, that's what I was probably "looking for" - just a measure of human contact and kindness. I was having a "moment" (husband has Parkinson's; father is blind; mother, well, mentally ill and I'm mostly responsible for all of them). I googled 'caregiver support' and your website was number one. From your home page I couldn't quickly find any link that said to me "Here Is Where You Can Find Someone Who Might Understand and Listen."

Now that I'm calmer, I think your Forum is closest to what I needed in my desperate moment...

I rarely have such an overwhelming sense of desperation as I was experiencing last evening. I think I would have benefited greatly from your website had I been able to think clearly enough to click on the 'Forum' tab. Now that I know you're here I will peruse the website (which looks like it will be very helpful to me) and I look forward to making some connections to help me through the rough waters. Next time, I'll have a place to go when I need it.

So thanks for listening and thanks for your website.


Thank you AM, you remind us all that sometimes the most important answers we need as caregivers are in simply knowing that people are willing to listen to our questions.

Now if I can find an internet button that will hold the words:
"Here Is Where You Can Find Someone Who Might Understand and Listen."


Gary Barg

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