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 Someday, No Foolin’

(Dateline-Washington, DC) Today, in an astonishing show of breathtaking good sense, both houses of Congress voted to give the nearly 66 million family caregivers in the United States all the training, support, advice and funds they need as they care for our loved ones. The joint committee chairman stated, “Well, we all woke up and realized that we have families, too—mothers, fathers and children in need of our help. And that we have been placing an unjust annual burden of nearly 350 billion dollars on the shoulders of those we love. Besides, it is just the right thing to do.”

In related news, all across the nation, siblings who had disappeared at the first sign of needing to care for their loved ones, miraculously reappeared. “It was indeed like a miracle,” said Nancy Newton of Peoria, IL. “After three years of caring for Mom alone, I opened my door and there were my long-lost (for the past three years) sister and brother-in-law asking what they could do to help. Now, I am going to finally take some time off to care for myself.”

Then I woke up and realized, sadly, that I had just been dreaming. Until this dream comes true, it is up to us to gather all the information, fight for all the support, and partner with all of our loved ones’ healthcare professionals as we endeavor to have the best care for our loved ones and ourselves.

Oh, well, maybe tomorrow… now, what is tomorrow’s date again?

Today’s Caregiver Friendly Awards Deadline is Tomorrow


Gary Barg

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