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Runaround Sue

Late last Friday night, I received a call from a friend who was as the saying goes - quite beside herself.  Sue is a smart, dedicated and experienced healthcare professional who I have counted upon for answers to many tricky questions in her field.  She had just gotten off of a telephone call with representatives of a group who were finalizing the paperwork on a grant they said she was about to receive.   After the call,  it occurred to her that not only did she not have any grant requests out, but some of the questions seemed strange.  Why, in fact would they need to know the last four digits of her Social Security number and why did they need to know her bank account information? 

As I said, by the time she called me she was  quite concerned.  I asked her about the call and told her to immediately contact her local police department and explain what happened.  A detective came out to her house immediately and started the process of trying to protect Sue from any possible repercussions of the phone call.  He left her with a list of things to do immediately the next morning, including: going to the bank and notifying them of the possibly identity theft attempt, contacting the three credit bureaus (Experian, Tran-Union and Equifax) and to remember to take  slow deep breaths.  

Although you may think that identity theft can only happen to someone else;  not someone smart, dedicated and experienced, like still may want to spend some time reviewing the following link.  Just to make sure that the next Sue isn't you.


Gary Barg

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