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 Rock the Vote

Wow, time flies. This year marks the sixth presidential election since the launch of Today’s Caregiver magazine and in 1995. First was the Clinton–Dole race (remember anything about that one? No? Me neither.) In 2000, Bush-Gore (that one was kind of memorable,) 2004, Bush–Kerry (Freedom Fries anyone?) 2008, Obama–McCain (Wall Street takes down Main Street) 2012, Obama-Romney (October surprise- Superstorm Sandy) and of course this November, (it already feels like being in the middle of the 100 year war.)

The truth is that we caregivers hold the secret to any election. A guaranteed win for any politician smart enough to realize that 67 million caregivers represent the most powerful voting bloc that this (or any) nation has ever seen.   It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to not only be Fearless Caregivers, but also Fearless Citizens.  Find out how the candidates for local, state or federal office really feel about the things we need.  Did they vote for the Lifespan Respite Care Act last year? What is their voting record on Medicare and Medicaid funding? Do they have any specific plans for supporting the family caregivers in their communities? Talking points and speeches are fine, but as we caregivers know, a person’s deeds are what counts most.

But, you cannot be counted or complain if you do not vote. And you cannot vote if you do not register.   In some states, the time is drawing near for you to register.  And in some states, you can vote already.

Vote your conscience, vote on the facts, but please vote. 


Gary Barg

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