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 Respite Wisdom 2010

Ten years ago, I interviewed Dana Reeve for a Today’s Caregiver magazine cover interview. Dana, unfortunately, passed a few years later; but at the time of the interview, she was caring for her husband, Christopher Reeve, who became a quadriplegic after being thrown from his horse in 1995.  She was open, gracious, and actually quite prophetic during our hour-long interview. I have referred to what she told me many times over the past decade. One of her comments came to mind when I received the email from Peggy below, and that was Dana’s concept of learning to take “mental bubble-baths.” In other words, getting away for respite breaks does not necessarily mean having to go anywhere; respite can and should be woven into your daily schedule.
I do many little things, or try to see the little things as respite opportunities.  Walking our dogs, even though most times a chore, can be relaxing; especially when walking along the creek by our house, smelling the flowers, and listening to the water run.  Through the Internet, I connect with many friends (from the past and present) via Facebook, write a blog about our lives, read articles from online magazines (posting the ones that touch me most) and am encouraged by Bible verses posted by others. I crochet on the front porch or back deck while watching our dogs outside, read magazines, and do crosswords while watching the 'up to the minute' news stories. We even have a doggy-sitter come once a week so Gary and I can have a date night together away from home. Even though Gary is the one I take care of, it’s nice to get away from the home-filled tasks. Some days, I even try to view my job as a break away from caregiving. I deal blackjack at a casino and can talk to my players while dealing cards. When I have fun players, it is very enjoyable and relaxing.  You get the idea.
Peggy, we certainly do get the idea and appreciate you sharing your respite wisdom.
Tell us your plans for the Fourth of July weekend. 


Gary Barg

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