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 Res•pite  'rεs pıt [res-pit]

a delay or cessation for a time, esp. of anything distressing or trying; an interval of relief: to toil without respite.
–verb (used with object)
to relieve temporarily, esp. from anything distressing or trying; give an interval of relief from.
I want to thank the following fearless caregivers who responded to my request for respite tips last week.  This being the tenth annual Today’s Caregiver magazine and Summer of Respite, we very much look forward to hearing everyone’s respite tips as the summer progresses.
This week’s respite tips:
As requested in your last newsletter, here's how I help my elderly mother when she makes her annual visit to our home each summer.  She lives in Maryland and we live in Indiana.
I find her a nonstop flight to minimize any air travel hassles. It just means that I drive two hours into Chicago to meet her at the gate. She asks for a wheelchair at check-in that takes her through a special security area and means much less waiting. We plan her flight for early afternoon to avoid traffic at either end of her trip. That planning really pays off.

While here, we make short outings to the library, to a beach with nearby parking, and a half-day trip into Chicago to sit by the lake and have dinner with my son. She seems to enjoy meeting people and seeing new places, so I use that as a guide for our activities.

One thing I found important is to find out how she feels each day of her visit, share the list of options, listen to what she'd like to do, and then be flexible.

Thank you.  Dale

Hi Gary -
As a spousal caregiver who must work full time (to retain our medical insurance) and also work full time as a caregiver nights and weekends, time for "me" was often missed ... until I made me a priority and scheduled a “time-out” on my busy calendar! 
When I noticed that I always seem to find the time for his many doctor appointments, tests, lab work and therapy (and wondering why I was always so tired!), I realized that it was just as important to find time for me.
So, now I make an "R & R" appointment at least once a month (and more often during the summer months). I schedule a half day off from work on Friday afternoons.
When the weather's nice, I have lunch in the park and read for a few hours. If the weather's not so good, then it's lunch at the mall or out with a friend and we'll go see an afternoon movie.  Just a few hours, a few times a month, helps me to be much less stressed from the day-to-day toll that being a caregiver takes! It's nice to make me important, even just once in a while! 
Thanks - 
Jeanne R.   


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