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 No Foolin’

Today, Ms. Oneida Jones opened her front door to see her estranged sister-in-law Gladys standing on the front porch holding a picnic basket which was filled to the brim with Oneida’s mother’s favorite foods and drink.  “I have seen the light,” said Gladys, “and finally realize all you go through as a family caregiver.  I am sorry for my ignorance and have come to take Mom to the park so you can have the day to do whatever you want, as long as you have fun.”

Throughout the day in Oneida’s state and across the nation, in fact across the world, the same scene played out.  Family members and long lost friends came by to see what they can do to help as we care for our loved ones.

This afternoon, a joint communiqué will be issued from the world’s capitals, including Washington, D.C., Manila, London, Tirane, Buenos Aires, Ottawa, Harare and even Andorra la Vella that from this day forward, every family caregiver (or carer) living within their respective nation’s borders will receive all of the financial, moral and physical support they need and so richly deserve.
As many of you have already surmised by looking at the date on this message, this is my humble attempt at a little April Fool’s Day humor.  Although these events are possible in the reality in which we live, they are not presently likely to happen.  The thing we can do until this day comes is to continue to take time for ourselves, educate our loved ones and remember that 66 million family caregivers make a heck of an impressive impact when we speak out as one.


Gary Barg

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