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My New Heart

My new heart arrived on April seventh at 1:35 pm.  I picked it up at American Airlines cargo office and have yet to put it down.  Last year, after Hurricane Wilma struck my town, I lost my companion of eighteen years. I really wasnít sure if I was ever going to be able to accept another one in his place, but my compatriots, Steven, Rick and Nancy knew better. They were responsible for the above-mentioned airport rendezvous a week ago Friday and I donít know how I can ever thank them.

My new heart weighs about 5 pounds, is brown and fuzzy and wiggles a lot. He arrived in the form of a four month old puppy. I quickly came to a few realizations. The first is that Mother Nature is very wise, indeed.  From the minute I meet my new companion, I was addicted to him and wanted to keep him happy and safe.  Iím quite sure that this is natureís way of making sure that her smallest and most vulnerable creatures are protected, by making them extraordinarily lovable.  The second thing I realized is that my new puppy Morris, did not replace my cat, Dashell and in fact, because I am able to feel this way again, so many of my good memories of  Dash that I had not wanted to think about these past months, are now quite pleasantly coming to mind.  And as a caregiver, I think that is another very good realization. Now if you will excuse me, itís time for my new heart to take me for a walk.  

Gary Barg

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