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My Master's Voice


In my day, back to school used to refer to the first Monday after Labor Day.  For me, it was always  a mixed blessing: on the positive side, I usually got some neat new school stuff, and of course on the negative side, it meant the end of summer and the beginning of another school year.   These days, it seems as if kids are going back to school only moments after the last bells of the previous school year ring. Not unlike the short pause between boxing match rounds. Many,  if not most school systems are already in session. Which brings me to the point that caregiving is truly a family affair, leaving no member of a family unaffected. Caregiving affects even the youngest among us, whether the child returning to school is  a member of an extended caregiving family or they are actually the primary caregiver, which happens more times than you would imagine.  According to our friend Dr. Connie Siskowski of the American Association of Caregiving Youth,  there are 1.4 million caregiving kids in the US today.

As I discussed a few weeks ago, other members of our caregiving families in need of our attention are of the feathered, furry and four-legged variety. Our loved one's pets mean so much to their care and well being that in our September issue of Today's Caregiver magazine we will  again visit with Emmy award winning actress, Linda Dano to talk about a program near and dear to her heart, the  Support Partners: Canine Companions program,  which is designed to help overcome depression. 

Oh, yes and the issues guest editors will be my dog, Morris and Nancy's bird Samantha.  We need to be careful, because they may not give us our jobs back and then we will be left begging them for treats.

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Gary Barg

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