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Moving Daze


This week we moved our corporate offices, lock stock and barrel, to a new location across town.  I have been simultaneously looking forward to and dreading this move.  Looking forward to the move because the space is perfectly suited to our needs and dreading the move due to the obvious efforts that goes into relocating cast and crew  after six years in one location.  ďOh, thatís where my favorite coffee mug was hiding.Ē I was determined to throw out at least half of what I brought over to the new office and maybe I came close to that mark.

It was great to delve through the 11 years of archives and relive some of the firsts of the magazine, the first poem sent by a family caregiver, the poster for the first conference, the first cover mock-ups.  And it occurred to me that as much as I dreaded facing the efforts associated with packing, tossing, boxing, painting, cleaning, and moving, I was also overcome with a mixture of excitement and remorse as I closed the lights on the old location.

It was certainly time to move on to a bigger and better location, but as I flipped that switch for the very last time, I could hear the echoes of the years of laughter, work and family we created in this location as we produced each issue of the magazine, took phone calls from family caregivers in need and worked long into the night meeting unrelenting deadlines.  We are already in full swing at the new office and I look forward to continuing our supportive work in these new and certainly better surroundings. Maybe thatís the thing about change, even good ones are not always easy to face.

Gary Barg

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