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Eleven years ago this week, I pulled a rental truck up to the loading dock of the printer who had been contracted to produce the first issue of Today’s Caregiver magazine. A friend and I loaded the magazines in the pouring rain and spent the next few days driving to every hospital waiting room within three counties delivering the publications. Little did I know, way back then, just how very much I would learn from the caregivers I met along the way and just how interactive the act of sharing wisdom with family caregivers would become.

In each of the over 50 Fearless Caregiver Conferences we have held so far and in every letter, email, phone call and airplane conversation I have had with  a family caregiver, I feel that I have learned just a little bit more about the best practices in caregiving. It is always a pleasure to be able to share this wisdom with our readers, so you can only imagine how elated I have been this past week as the responses to the question in last week’s newsletter have come rolling in.  It is with pleasure that I share some of the following responses from the true caregiving experts – you.

It is amazing how we get ourselves so engrossed in caregiving we do not have, or take, the time to think of ourselves, especially to plan ahead for ourselves…Continue

I am not a professional.. rather currently in a caregiving role and wish you the best in the next chapter of your life...Continue 

I'm very sorry for your loss...I know how it is to be a caregiver. I take care of my mom who is 84 and my hubby who is mentally disabled…Continue 

I don't necessarily believe that pursuing a career in one of the fields of caregiving is in your best interest…Continue  

First let me convey my condolences to you on the loss of your father, and my sympathies to you on the loss of so many other family members…Continue

Ted:  God Loves You!!!  You may consider going into contract management at a local hospital…Continue

For 18 years I had a career of my choice that I loved but decided to do something different after caring for my father who had Alzheimer’s…Continue   

Ted may be able to reach out for some job training programs …Continue  

This is a great opportunity to suggest he contact his local hospice for bereavement support services…Continue   


Gary Barg

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