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 Lunch and Learn

We just had lunch with my friend Elaine. This was a slightly belated version of our traditional birthday luncheon, which has been our regular habit since we first met fourteen years ago. I havenít seen much of Elaine or her husband Carl for the past few months because they are usually on the road to somewhere of interest since her retirement a year and a half ago. Elaine was a community outreach manager at a major local long-term care facility. In this healthcare community, Elaineís advice is still actively sought because she always placed the seniors and their family caregivers above all else. In fact, I canít figure out how she still knows more about the goings-on in this community than those who are still actively working.

When I told her I really donít like the word Re-Tirement, she admitted that she prefers a phrase she learned at a seminar a few years agoóRe-Firement! I like that.

By the way, all of us at the lunch table were at least 10 years old when Apollo 11 landed on the moon 40 years ago next week. For our fellow Boomers (plus), where were you on July 20th 1969?


Gary Barg

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