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When speaking of his childhood, (way back in the dark ages)  my college roommate told stories that made the rest of our dorm mates speechless.  As a child, he had been the direct caregiver for both of his parents. When he was just ten years old, he began caring for their physical needs, doing the family books, cooking for everyone and trying to have a childhood. As an adult he is an extremely professional, yet caring and considerate person, but I always felt bad for how fast he had to grow up. 

Connie Siskowski  was one of the first advertisers and supporters of Todayís Caregiver magazine when we began publishing in 1995. She had created a service which attempted to recreate the concept of doctor house calls (in those days, a radical thought.)  Donít worry, these two stories do connect. Since then, Connie has gone on to receive her Ph.D. and to create an organization dedicated to children who are also caregivers.  I bring this up to highlight Connieís work with the American Association of Caregiving Youth and The Caregiving Youth Project (exemplified in a terrific New York Times article earlier this week,) but also to reinforce the notion that when it comes to caregiving, there are no stereotypes.  Only people who need and deserve our support, from whom we can learn and teach much, as long as we are open to sharing our stories with one another.
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Gary Barg

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