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 Kids, Kids, Kids

The fall has started out with a real kid whiz-bang. (I guess kids don’t say that anymore.)   Our upcoming Today’s Caregiver magazine cover interview is with America’s favorite dance judge—from Dancing with the Stars, Carrie Ann Inaba. She talks about her own family caregiving as well as another great passion of hers, helping kids in need.  In November, Today’s Caregiver magazine’s cover interview will be with Ms. Marlo Thomas (yes, THAT GIRL!). She shares her family’s long and personal dedication to helping kids in need through the wonderful work of St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis.

It is fitting that we start the school season with a look at the healthcare needs of kids and their families; but did you know that as the school bells rings and kids take their seats in homerooms across the land, over one million of them are primary family caregivers? And this is not a new phenomenon. When I was in college (way back before the Internet and cell phones – gasp!), my roommate told stories that made the rest of our dorm mates speechless.  As a child, he had been the direct caregiver for both of his parents. When he was just 10 years old, he began caring for their physical needs, doing the family books, cooking for everyone, while trying to have a childhood. As an adult, he is an extremely professional, yet caring and considerate person, but I always felt bad for how fast he had to grow up. 

Thankfully, the needs of kids who care are being addressed on multiple fronts these days. Dr. Connie Siskowski, who was one of the very first supporters of Today’s Caregiver magazine when we began publishing in 1995, has created an organization dedicated to children who are also caregivers, The American Association of Caregiving Youth.

So the next time anyone tries to stereotype caregivers, you can be the first one to take them to school on it and set the record straight. We come in all ages, sizes, income levels, and family dynamics, as well as sexes. The main thing that we all have in common is our love for our family members and clients. And that’s a lesson well learned.

School is now in session.
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Gary Barg

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