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Iterations and Variations

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In the waning years of this past century, we started to gather information for our first book, The Fearless Caregiver. (Wow, does that feel like a century ago!) We asked some of the best voices of the day who were talking about caregiving to join us. We also included the first caregiving celebrity interviews since it became clear that our caregiving experiences are truly the Ties that Bind us all together, and these caregivers with famous faces had a lot of great information to share.

It was also becoming clear that a vitally important, yet under-regarded, political voice was that of the family caregiver. I remember giving a keynote speech in Ohio talking about the powerful political wave of support that can be formed if all 67.5 million of us raised our voices to our local, state and national representatives.

After my speech, I sat down for lunch next to an Ohio state senator who said that he was most moved to action when he would receive (his words) a hastily written note of concern written by a constituent on a paper grocery bag (see how long ago it was) and mailed to his office. He said that if that caregiver took the time to write to him, he or she probably represented a sizable number of voters in his district and he needed to pay attention.


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