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 Interesting Times Gumbo

Letís see, first we blend in an international monetary crisis, add a heaping fistful of mortgage meltdown, mix in essence of, recession, simmer quickly and when hot, add in two wars, a sizzling dash of partisan division in Washington and stir it all up rapidly.  Hmm, I think thereís something missing from this stew.  Oh yes, here it is- a pinch of pandemic.  And now, set it all to boil.

I unfortunately now understand what the old Chinese curse means: may you live in interesting times.
But seriously, as in all things we caregivers deal with, we need to stay calm and review the facts.  And to do that I recommend that you take the news talking heads with a grain of salt and visit the CDC website for regular updates.
Maybe, just maybe the times are getting just a little bit too interesting for my taste.
The Fearless Caregiver Tour is really on a roll. At this moment, the schedule for the rest of the year includes, California, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Florida and Connecticut. Stay tuned for more.


Gary Barg