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 Interesting Times

There are no better times than these past few weeks to be able to extend your skills as a Fearless Caregiver into those of being a Fearless Citizen.   Congress, the White House, the presidential candidates and Wall Street are all in the news working on solutions to the nation’s financial – let’s just say - challenges.  The phrases swirling around the media include Subprime, Mortgage based Swaps, bailouts, and dollar amounts in the (paraphrasing Carl Sagan) Billions and Billions.  How we got here will be debated and written about for generations to come, but our immediate concerns are of our loved ones, our communities and our nation.

The truth is that all of the people laboring diligently on trying to guide us out of this challenge work directly for us and deserve to hear what you think of the matter at hand.  Please take a moment to contact your representatives on Capitol Hill to let them know what you think and find out about their plans.

Some pundits are making remarks relating to another time in this nation’s history and a President who guided us past those rocky shoals with words such as these:  “The only thing we have to fear---is fear itself”

Yet, I think the best advice is to be taken by the late author Douglas Adams in his book, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy:

Don’t Panic.


Gary Barg

Robert M. Barg
5/14/1929 – 10/04/2001

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