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 Holiday Wisdom

I spent a few days with old friends this week.  I had business in the community in which they live and they would not hear of me staying in a hotel. At dinner on Monday night, I had an extended conversation with my friend George about family, work and how life has been treating us over the years. George is a renowned business consultant, so I listened intently for any bits of wisdom which I could apply to my own daily dealings.  Yet, it was in the family care arena where George helped me the most.  His five siblings range from 60 to 72 years of age and some have had significant cardiac health issues this past year.  Recently, George realized that every conversation he has had with his close-knit and fun-loving family over these past few months have been somber and healthcare related.

George is looking forward to everyone getting together for the holidays at his mom's house. He suggested to his family that they take the time to deal with the specifics of the ailing family members' health needs, but then put all health topics aside.  By doing so, they don't miss just being with one another as a family sharing the holiday spirit, warmth and joy rather than letting their fears and concerns take over the entire time they have together.

Now that's some expert advice we can all take to heart.  


Gary Barg

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