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From Hoard to Eternity

To those of you who responded to my column two weeks ago about hoarding,  I have to confess to a little "disposaphobia" (fear of getting rid of stuff) of my own. No mom, not the stuff from my childhood bedroom or even my car trunk (a horizontal version of Fibber Magee's closet) or my second bedroom, or the storage closet it took days to clear out....actually, the admission I was going to make when starting this column was to apologize for hoarding the responses from the above mentioned column, but after reading my words, I think I may have bigger problems to overcome...

So, as they say, "without further Adieu", here are some of the terrific responses about hoarding:     

The term I like the best is "disposaphobia--fear of getting rid of stuff"... Continued 

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging and the PA Association of Area Agencies on Aging sponsored an enrichment symposium in March in Camp Hill, PA....Continued  

First of all. I want you to know how much your web site has helped me and want to thank you very much and also the letters from all of the wonderful caregivers...Continued    

Gary....we appreciated your article covering hoarding! Please let us know of
any more stories or effective ways of getting some of this stuff give-away or sold...Continued 

The story of hoarding sounds so familiar.  My mom/grandparents went through the same things...Continued   

Dad lived through the depression (he passed away in 1991), and Iíve come to understand that such severe circumstances can be a factor in hoarding...Continued  

Oh, as for the titles, don't worry, I've saved up a million of them..

Hoard today-gone tomorrow. 


Gary Barg

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