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 Guilt Edged Stories

There is an extremely long list of things which are simply unfair and undeserved that we caregivers face as we care for our loved ones.  On that list, of course are unhelpful (and sometimes ungrateful) relatives, the financial challenges we face, undeserved shame, sleepless nights and probably the most unfair of all - Caregiver Guilt.  

The irony is that you can feel "caregiver guilt" despite the fact that you have done nothing at all to deserve to feel that way.  In fact your every action when caregiving contradicts the very characteristics of guilt, which according to Wikipedia  is a state in which one experiences conflict at having done something that one believes one should not have done (or conversely, having not done something one believes one should have done).  

Responses to last week's request for Caregiver Guilt Stories:

When have I felt caregiver guilt?  My worst moment was telling myself I didn't want to be a caregiver before I volunteered for my father in law...Continued

I have felt caregiver guilt for a little over two years and have not been able to resolve it.  I have almost had a nervous breakdown... Continued

After 8 years of taking care of both of my parents by myself, I had a stroke on April 9th of this year...Continued

There are 2 kinds of caregiver guilt.  The first is obviousÖ.its when you should do something and donít...Continued


Gary Barg

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