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Believe it or not, 2007 is right around the corner, it is hard to fathom that we are almost a decade into the new century.  The New Year may offer us new hopes and wishes, but it also allows us to take a moment to reassess the things we need from the other members of our loved ones care team:

 Top Ten Things a Caregiver Needs from a Health Care Provider

  1. Attention.  The caregiverís loved one may be the twenty-first similar case youíve seen today, but to the caregiver, this is Mom or Dad, sister or brother.

  2. Compassion. Be diligent in its application.

  3. Time. A few moments of your uninterrupted time is some of the strongest medicine you will ever administer and it costs so very little.

  4. Respect. The person pushing the wheelchair is also a part-time bookkeeper, therapist, insurance specialist, immediate medical expert, chauffer, psychologist, pharmacist, incontinence specialist and full-time general in the war being waged against the illnesses and diseases that their loved ones are battling. This person not only needs your respect, he or she deserves it.
  5. Dedication. Be relentless in your devotion to your calling. The caregiver has entrusted you with his or her most valuable asset Ė a loved one. You earn that trust with your skill, knowledge and ability
  6. Honesty. The caregiver is your partner in this endeavor; he or she deserves (and can handle) the truth.
  7. Prudence. Graceful disclosure of the truth is a true test of a caring professional.
  8. Advocacy. Never accept less than the best your system has to offer the caregiverís loved one.
  9. Understanding. The caregiver plays a pivotal role in the well-being of your patient; understanding the needs, wishes and fears of the caregiver improves your patientís care.
  10. Your well-being. Know your emotional limit and learn when to ask for help. Your loved ones and the caregiverís loved ones need you to remain well.     

Take care

Gary Barg


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