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 For The Dogs

Recently, I had a chance to live the precepts of being a Fearless Caregiver.  I have a close loved one who started having problems with his leg last month.  I took him to the doctor and found out that he has a genetic issue which was starting to affect his movement and surgery was recommended. The first thing I did was take to the internet, researching every word that the doctor uttered.  When we went back for the x-ray I was loaded with at least some knowledge and a whole lot of questions. It turns out that not only was the doctor right in his prognosis, he was coincidently one of the leading surgeons in this field. When I called a major teaching hospital specializing in the surgery, they called him their “Guru”, which sounded good to me.

Next step was to have a good idea of the challenges of recuperation, how to prepare his family and even the house for post-operative care.  When we went for the pre-surgery meeting, I whipped out my list of questions and my tape recorder and was gratified that the doctor gave me as much time as I needed to feel comfortable with his answers.

We are presently in the first two sleepless days of post-op and the fact that I was able to visualize these days as much as possible, has certainly helped keep the stress to a relatively manageable level.

So, when people tell you that being a Fearless Caregiver is for the dogs, you can now agree whole-heartledy.

P.S. The patient is doing fine and is presently sitting next to me chewing on a new toy.



Gary Barg

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