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Gary Barg

More Flies with Honey...

Four flights, 3 hours of driving and a bit chillier weather than this south Floridian is used to, but the trip was more than worth the effort.  Last week, I spent the day with a large group of enthusiastic Oshkoshians at the first annual Oshkosh Fearless Caregiver Conference, and as usual I am truly grateful for all I learned from the attendees. Special thanks to Beth Culp and her amazing team at the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Winnebago County.
As I start the event, I traditionally thank four caregivers in the room for writing my next four weeks’ worth of newsletters.  Not that they actually take to keyboard and produce the article (darn!) but the wisdom they share with their fellow attendees is so amazing that I can’t wait to share it with you.
First among them is the young lady who gave a memorable response to my comment that there are three words you need to have at the ready whenever you’re dealing with the system (healthcare, financial, government) and they are, “Who’s Your Supervisor.”  As soon as I said that, she raised her hand and described how she has gotten a lot of mileage out of these words, but then added her own personal twist.  She will say something like, “I thank you for your kindness and know you are doing all you can to help me and my mother, so that I can help you help us, please tell me who is your Supervisor? 

I was floored, she did all the right things:  treating the person on the other side of the phone with kindness, yet still getting the information she needs.  She said it always works.  A caregiving iron fist in a velvet glove!

Now, that’s a trip well taken

Gary Barg

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