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Financial Security

I received this email last week:

Identity thieves posing as the Internal Revenue Service are sending spam emails promising government economic stimulus packages. It prompts the user to download the attachment and fill in their personal information for the IRS to send their check.

Always use best security practices when reviewing your email and do not open any email attachments from unknown senders.

Click here for more information.

Since I didn’t know the organization, I copied their web address and placed it within a search engine rather than clicking on the direct link. It turned out to be a real organization, but so many times they are not. It is important to remember a few things:

1) Your financial institution will not email you to ask to email them your social security number or bank account information, they already have those details.

2) As in all things to do with caregiving, if you think that something sounds wrong or inappropriate, it probably is.

3) No fleeing dictator from east Africa, widow of royalty or overseas trust attorney (that you do not already know,) is going to share any part of a multi-million dollar bonanza with you. They are looking to make a payday, not share one.

4) Once you respond to these emails, they know that they have a “live one” on the other end and will undoubtedly sell your email address or try another scam. This is why email junk files were designed.

For more information:


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Gary Barg

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