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Expert Buzz

As the buzz (complete with  charts, graphs, statistics and footnotes) begins to subside on the professional chats, blogs and discussion groups about the relative value of caregiving,  I thought it was time to hear from the true experts - you.

Seriously, statistics are tremendously important to legislators as they decide their funding priorities, since they need to know that they are funding programs which make a difference to their constituents.   Yet, more important than any briefing books they may receive on the value of respite care to caregivers, is hearing for you. Pick up a pen, pencil, crayon or the phone and let your legislators know how important respite is to you as you care for your loved ones.

By the way, it couldn't hurt to let them know that as well as a caregiver and a constituent, you are also a voter.

Your Respite Comments:
My sister, brother and I provide caregiving for both parents. We all work full time, but since I have no children, I am currently doing more of the caregiving tasks... Continued 

Three cheers for each and everyone who works hard in their countries, states, and communities for funding of respite care! It provides a necessary and useful pause for caregivers...Continued

This may not be the mainstream idea of respite, but this is what I do...! Continued

My wife of 39 years, 8 months was head injured in a car crash almost 18 years ago. She has been unable to work ever since...Continued 

I am the 56-year-old caregiver of my 72-year-old husband who is completely disabled by Fragile X Associated Tremor Ataxia Syndrome....Continued

Take care

Gary Barg

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