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Enough Said

I'm going to give over my column this week to Judy, a true Fearless Caregiver with a tremendous holiday solution:

Our big family gatherings have changed over the past several years, since my husband has been disabled and some of our family are living out of state.  We now have a few small gatherings, rather than one big one.  Each family comes to see us at their previously set day and time, or we go to their house, as long as we have help getting Joe in and out of their house, bathroom, etc.  Joe knows that he can nap whenever he needs to and no one will mind.  We just sit and visit a little longer and then pick up where we left off when he has rested.   Most of the visits work out best at our house.  We have a table tree in the corner, instead of a floor tree and very few other decorations.  Joe uses a walker or wheelchair to get around, so I remind visitors to put boots and other belongings against the wall, so the hallway is clear.  We bring a wastebasket into the living room to put paper in when presents are opened, so nothing will clutter the floor. 

Family members understand and help out.  Even little ones will take their toys into a special area so Grandpa won't  trip on them.  Our house is small, but it works.  We sometimes have to cancel our plans and change dates if the weather gets bad (we live in NY) or if Joe isn't feeling well.  Somehow it always works out with little stress.  I try to keep the refreshments festive but easy.  I make almost all of our gifts - hand painted china, homemade fudge and cookies, and other special treats.  If I need to shop, I find I can do most of it through mail order.  I do enjoy a shopping trip with a friend now and then and it's a great break as long as I have an aide at home with Joe.  Happy holidays!


Couldn't say it better myself.


Gary Barg

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