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 Driving Wisdom

Well, I asked for it. And am darn glad I did. Last week. I asked for some of your suggestions regarding “taking away the keys” when our loved ones should no longer be on the road. If the reaction was to be like any time the driving issue comes up at a Fearless Caregiver Conference, I knew we would be getting lots of emails in response to my request. We did. And they are all chockful of some really great information.  You can never go wrong asking a fellow caregiver for advice:
In my case we had to buy a new car and strange as it seems they only had one key…continued

This may or may not apply…continued

My husband had three cars (I had one) and it was time for him to stop driving…continued

To add to the news coming from a professional – remember you need to continue your relationship…continued

Here are a few additional tips related to driving and driving cessation…continued

I just had to comment on your article on the “driving” issue…continued

And to add to the responses, I am reminded of an event that was held in Waterloo, Iowa, where I asked this question of the audience and an expert panel. As the panel and the caregivers were answering the question, a slight elderly lady raised her hand.  She told us, in a surprisingly booming voice, that if you took the car key to the dealer, they can make a duplicate key which will turn when placed in the ignition, but will not engage the motor.  Her husband would go out to the garage for an extended period of time trying to get the car started with this dummy key and finally come inside asking her to drive him. He was too embarrassed to tell her that he could not start the car.
Words of wisdom indeed.
We also just posted a driving support segment on our YouTube section which occurred at a recent Fearless Caregiver Conference.


Gary Barg

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