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Diagnosis Neurosis

Talk about an embarrassment  of riches, in a recent phone conversation, one of my relatives living right here in South Florida was discussing her problems with a healthcare challenge, not that she wasn’t able to find a diagnosis, but that there were actually too many diagnoses.

She was told that she is losing bone mass due to a thyroid condition that was discovered in a recent examination.  The solution was clear to the surgeon: operate. The solution was clear to the endocrinologist: do NOT operate, take Fosomax and vitamin D.  To a leading thyroid expert, the solution was, by all means STOP taking vitamin D.  And to make matters murkier, a new test result just came back saying that she may not actually have the thyroid problem that was previously diagnosed. 

This would be a funny Marx brother sketch if not for the fact that this is someone I greatly care about and these are all leading doctors in their fields.  My first thought was to let her primary doctor sort it out, but he is a cardiac specialist and does seem to be able to take sides in the battle of the diagnoses.  So I thought I would go to the real experts and ask you if you have ever run into this quagmire and how you were able to sort through the murk.  

Cutting through the murk

How many doctors does it take to…?

Happy Mothers day to you and all of your loved ones.


Gary Barg

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