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 Detective Caregiver

One of the most challenging aspects to caregiving is watching as the ones we love deal with intense or chronic pain.  The emotional pain we feel in response to their suffering is understandably unimaginable.  Yet, the truth is that these are the times when we most need to be fearless advocates and the in-home representative of our loved ones professional care team.  Act as detective and find out a few pertinent things to share with the medical professionals:

  • Where does it hurt?
  • Is this a new pain or one that you have experienced before?
  • On a scale of 0 – 10, what is the severity?
  • Did the pain first occur after eating any specific foods or performing any specific actions?
  • What usually makes the pain subside? 
  • Have you taken action which usually makes the pain subside (rest, medications, bathe?)  Did it help?

Pain can be caused by many healthcare challenges that our loved ones face (cancer, AIDS,  or even OIC (opioid-induced constipation) which can develop in your taking opiates for extreme pain.  To help you as you help your loved ones through extreme pain, has added many new information channels dealing with pain management.

Obviously, in many cases, asking questions about your loved ones pain may be impossible due to their level of ability to communicate, these are the times when you really need to become – Detective Caregiver on the case.


Gary Barg

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