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 Caregiving Johnny Appleseed

Next week we will be hosting our 9th annual New Haven Fearless Caregiver Conference and on November 9th, we will hold our second ever Tampa Fearless Caregiver Conference.
With the entire digital world at our disposal—by the way, the Best Practices: Incontinence Care Webinar is now hosted on—and the not so fun aspects of traveling these days (doing the TSA Tango, ever shrinking leg room, and let’s not talk about the food!), I am occasionally asked why we still host the live events. The answer is: that’s where the wisdom is.

In over 110 events, I have never seen one where the wisdom was not flowing from the family and professional caregivers in attendance.  In fact, this space in last week’s newsletter was entirely about wisdom that was shared by an attendee at an event a few days earlier.

The reason I am talking about this is that one of my most favorite moments is when you, our readers, are able to communicate with caregivers who live across the nation, or even around the world, in order for us all to help each other become better at caring for our loved ones and for ourselves.

Responses to last week’s Beck-And-Call-Giver column:

 I have been involved in the "care giving" industry for over a decade.  I think it is so important for the primary caregiver to set appropriate boundaries…continued

 I suggest using a calendar, scheduling time when the caregiver can be reached…continued

 I just read your newsletter and would like to have the list of advice for the beck-and-call-givers...continued  

Maybe we are all Caregiving Johnny Appleseeds—sharing the wisdom we have learned as we care for our loved ones and picking up some seeds of wisdom from our fellow caregivers to help in our own caregiving.  Talk about keeping the doctor away!


Gary Barg

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