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The Boomer's Lament:
Or am I now they?

Speak up when we complain about how hard it is for Mom to hear; after years at the disco, no sound is too clear

Slow down when we jog by, complaining about the man with the cane, Ďcause I think I just got a charley horse or at least a small sprain

When I talk with Momís doc about her memory disorder, this time I must remember to bring a tape recorder

Itís fun to watch Dad try to run a microwave; if I knew how to use my cell phone camera, thatís a picture I would save

Those who are old and those who are grey, Iím glad that at least Iím nothing like theyÖ

Think about the words above when those who frustrate you are also those that you love

For it may soon be your own kids, as quick as you please, begging and pleading: ďMom, where did you hide the keys?Ē

Gary Barg

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