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 Answering Alice

Last week, Alice shared her story about caregiver abuse.  We knew this was an extremely important topic which needed to be immediately responded to by the experts. And so you responded. Because (and anyone who has been with us for a while can recite along with me as soon as I start the following statement), “There are no better experts on caregiving than your fellow caregivers.” And once again, you have proven it to be true in every single response:

I am in a similar situation with my father.  It doesn't involve substance addictions, but I have been feeling abused in the relationship...Continued 

A bit more information would be helpful here. …Continued 

 This is serious and her father giving her mother extra meds was a felony...Continued 

My feeling and suggestion is that you get out of the situation…Continued 

We may be caregivers but we are not miracle workers...Continued 

 Acupuncture, massage therapy, swimming, whirlpools, and holistic healing…Continued 

 Alice - I'm so sorry for the pain that both you and your mother are going through...Continued 

 My heart goes out to Alice as it seems to be a combined situation of medications and pain issues...Continued 

 My husband has a spinal cord injury (T-5) with paralysis from the waist down & in his right arm…Continued 

 A day later we ran into a friend whose health situation was entirely different but experiencing similar pain...Continued  

It sounds to me like this job is just too big for any one person to handle…Continued 

 First of all, you're in over your head - you shouldn't be dealing with this woman alone!...Continued 

The personal nature and amount of responses convinces us that we need to continue this conversation.    Please join us in the forum.
I will be traveling around Iowa, Wisconsin and Texas this coming fall, (in addition to our Fearless Caregiver schedule) so looking forward to seeing you on the road. 
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Gary Barg

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