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An Apple a Day

For the new year:
Buy a new car and then pour sludge into the gas tank
Pour water into your refrigerator’s Freon unit
Toss a gallon of dirt into the gears of your washing machine

Of course, these are things you would never do for the new year or at any other time. In fact, it seems silly to even consider abusing these important machines in your life.

Yet, we regularly abuse the most important machine in our lives by filling it with fuels that do not power it well and may also lead to its destruction.
Obviously, the machine in question is your own body. Think about it. You can be a good caregiver without a working dishwasher or even a car, but what kind of caregiver would you be without your body being in its best possible condition?

Take this moment to conduct a fearless nutrition inventory:
What do you eat when you are stressed? And no, ice cream is not one of the food groups.

Do you make sure that your loved ones get all the nutrition they need, but your own meals are received at a drive through window after ordering into a clown’s mouth?

Are you drinking alcohol at least once every night just to calm your nerves?
Do you think a balanced meal is when you can hold the fast food tray in one hand and the large soda in the other?

Then, for the sake of all who love you, resolve to make your first successful new year's resolution one of dietary fitness for yourself. Keep your engine running smoothly and you will be ready for all this year has to bring.
After all, anything that keeps the doctor away can't be all bad.

Gary Barg

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