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All For One

Tuesday was a big day in many ways. Just a few of the day’s shared experiences included the largest inaugural audience in history, the first African-American president being sworn in and system crashes all across the internet as people logged onto news sites to catch the proceedings. No matter which party you support, it was also a breath of fresh air to see such a rare and graceful transition between one administration and another.

There have been many messages tossed out throughout this elongated campaign season and into the new administration. One message in particular that caught my attention as a caregiver was actually demonstrated throughout the concert at the Lincoln Monument held this past Sunday. Not only was Hollywood emptied out for the day between the actors and musical stars that performed, but I was taken by the events title, “We Are One.”

For many reasons, these three words symbolize the hopes that are gathering across the nation this year, but for caregivers they are especially poignant.

“We Are One.” Since the first issue of Today’s Caregiver magazine rolled off the presses on a rainy July fourth weekend fourteen years ago, every article, poem or personal story that we have received from a family caregiver, elicits messages of recognition and support from other caregivers.

“We Are One.”  Your heartfelt responses to painful and highly personal questions posed by your fellow caregivers are what I like best about hosting this weekly newsletter

“We Are One.” Each of the past 73 Fearless Caregiver Conferences we have held across the nation over the past ten years have included the best and brightest medical and social service professionals answering the most difficult questions from the attendees. Yet, the best advice has traditionally come from a room filled with fellow family caregivers sharing their lessons and opening their hearts with one another.

“We Are One.” Now there’s a message worth shouting from the rooftops.


Gary Barg

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