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 A Rested Development

I look forward to joining Central Florida family and professional caregivers next week at the 109th Fearless Caregiver Conference (and the first in the Orlando area). Even though this is the first event we are holding in Central Florida, it is not the first time I was honored to be able to spend the day with family caregivers in the area. In fact, it was in part due to an event hosted by the State of Florida in Orlando where I served as keynote speaker that we decided to hit the road with the Fearless Caregiver Conferences. The attendees were family caregivers from across the state. I thought it was a terrific, yet difficult thing for the state to undertake, but it was immediately clear to me how beneficial it was to those caregivers who had been able to attend.

For two days, caregivers were able to go to sessions designed to help them as they cared for their loved ones. And the best part was that each of their care recipients was either in good hands with their other relatives or through agencies in their home cities. So, the caregivers did not have to worry about their loved ones (every minute) as they may have if they brought them to Orlando. In fact, when I asked what they thought the best part of the two-day event was, I received two definitive answers to my query. First was the camaraderie and excellent education that was being provided at the event. But what really struck me was when each and every caregiver I spoke with thought that waking up for two days without emergencies or tasks to do for others was the thing they loved the most. And the chocolate on their pillow wasnít bad either.

So if you can get away for a day-long event, a weekend or, if lucky enough, a week or two, you must do it. Neither you nor your loved one will ever regret it.

Join us in Central Florida next week.

Gary Barg

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