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 A Family Affair


 I have recently moved 1200 miles to return to my home state and take care of my elderly parents.  I have one sibling who makes NO effort to contribute to the overall cause of caring for and enriching the lives of our parents.  He refuses to discuss any "problem" he might possibly have with me personally at an appropriate time (in private vs. in public) rather than in front of my parents and medical staff.  I don't have a problem getting along with any of my other five siblings; they appreciate me for being here.  As one of my parents doctors put it:  "There's one in every family."




I am sorry about the situation you have with your one sibling, but you do have five other helpful siblings, which is quite a rare blessing.  You may just want to let the sibling in question have what he seems to be looking for and leave him out of the decision-making loop. Sometimes a family member’s greatest contributions can be by actually doing nothing. Your best move might be to focus on the efforts of the rest of your family members who do want to help and be thankful for their efforts.

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Remember to take care of yourself, too.


Gary Barg

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