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Remembrances and Renewal

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There are two anniversaries we traditionally mark when we lose a loved one: their passing and their birth. The former can be extremely painful, especially when the loved one was taken very suddenly, they were very young and their death was so very avoidable.

This week marks the fourth anniversary of the passing of a young woman who meant a great deal to me; someone I write about every year on my own birthday which I shared with her. I met Sara and her family as neighbors many years ago in Miami, but they all quickly became members of my own extended family and we stayed close even after they moved north.

We lost Sara four years ago, in a senseless automobile accident, caused by someone behind her paying more attention to a cell phone call than to driving their car. I am saddened by the loss of a force of nature who I know was on her way to making a big difference in many lives as she worked toward entering public life. I continue to grieve for Sara’s friends and family members and, even with the passing of these years, I scarcely know how I get through these two anniversaries as they remind me so much of the young lady filled with life and love and the many Saraisms that tripped off her tongue, making me smile no matter what else was going on in my life.

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