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6 In The City

Last year, I wrote of my parents best friends, Henry and Grace

It is hard to believe, but an entire year has gone by since Harry's passing and as we sat in Grace's apartment after the memorial service last week, the talk around the table turned to support groups.  Well to be factual, the talk turned to the small group which regularly meets in the buildings bar/recreational room.  This group has met every week for the past few years around
6:00 p.m. and shares the stories of the day, as well as a supportive shoulder when necessary.  Grace began to find comfort in going downstairs for an hour or so at a time as Henry's illness progressed. 

We started to talk about if this evening group could officially be called a Support Group. It is not moderated or sanctioned by a healthcare or societal organization, yet  it certainly does support its members in need.  All members of the evening group were at Henry's funeral last year and almost three fourths of the assemblage this day were regular attendees.   

I told them that I would ask if you had similar stories of non-traditional supportive groups that help as you care for your loved ones...other than this one, of course.

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Gary Barg

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