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FROM THE EDITOR'S PEN /'10 Never Again/ Editorial List

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‘10 Never Again

Soon it will be Two Thousand and Eleven
Having survived another year seems like heaven
As our friends frolic with glee
And the ball drops on the T.V.
A small voice inside cries,
“What about me? What about me? What about me?”

Yet, for many who care for mother, father or lover
This will be a night like any other
With undergarments to change
Meals to make and wounds to cover

What I'd ask of you, my good dear
With the glimmering hope of a new year
Is to make a Caregiving Resolution
That caring for yourself is part of the solution

Hey, you say
"There are barely hours in the day
To do my chores
Go to work and mop the floors
Change the dressings and change the bed
Let alone shampoo Mom’s head
Move her from prone to seated position
And drive her to the most recent physician

I have become changer of dressing and changer of diaper
(not to mention bottom-wiper )
With fork in hand pleading, I argue for eating
I've got pills to give
And a life not to live

But do I complain?
Sing a regretful refrain?
I do not, for this is my labor of love
I am doing a chore
From way up above."

Before you deny my resolution request
I'd ask you to pass this one simple test:
Think of who'd care for you and your loved one?
Who do you think could get that job done?
Who do you think is solid and stable?
Who will do as you wish when you're no longer able?

So now that my sermon is done
Will your choice be brother, sister or son?
A choice which provides another good reason
In whatever the time and whichever the season
That caring for yourself is truly "Job One"

Gary Barg

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