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Gary Barg

Now, thatís a lot of candles!

This week holds a few personal milestones for me.  Yesterday was my 61st birthday and today you are reading our 1,000th caregiver newsletter (or do I have those numbers backwards?!).

I am so proud of our editorial team for the excellent newsletters they release each and every week under the guidance of Managing Editor Nancy Schonwalter, (only one of the many hats she so capably wears around here). I am also proud of the family caregivers I have met whose shared experiences, solutions, wisdom and wit have always been such a major part of my columns in these newsletters. 

In fact, way back before we all cocooned ourselves in headphones and seatback televisions, as soon as I would share my occupation with my fellow airline travelers, weíd end all up holding caregiving support groups at 40,000 feet. This is because so many of my row mates were traveling for caregiving purposes.

In preparation for this special newsletter anniversary, I grabbed a torch and ambled down to the digital cellar. There I spent time rummaging through the dusty archives of the internet, and found some really neat things that I want to share with you.  As readers of this newsletter know, I am a big fan of making sure we never miss an opportunity to find whatever humor we can in our caregiving situations. In that light, I am amused to rediscover the title of my article in Issue #500  and the interview subject of Fearless Caregiver Newsletter issue #100.

I am most gratified when readers email or come up to me at a Fearless Caregiver conference in their town (or when speaking at another event.)  Whether In urban, suburban or rural communities, I am blessed to always meet at least a few readers on every occasion.  You donít know how motivating it is to meet you and to get your emails.  As they say, do keep those cards and letters coming.

I always start every speaking session by thanking four attendees in advance for their sharing some wisdom that will be the subjects of the next monthsí worth of newsletters.  You see, I have found that we must never miss an opportunity to talk with our fellow caregivers.  Invariably, you will be surprised at what they can teach you, and possibly more surprised at what you can teach them. 
Since we are celebrating geezer birthdays and newsletter milestones, it is onto the gifts. 

And so, our 1,000 for 1,000 campaign starts right now.

Sign Up Your Friends!

Onto 1,001!    

Gary Barg


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