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Personal Emergency Response System:
Frequently Asked Questions

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Are PERS covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance companies?

Usually not, but if your loved one has a prescription for a medical alarm, payment arrangements might be made between your loved one and the company providing their health insurance. Some times a health insurance company will reimburse your loved one after they initially pay the total cost up-front.

Is it possible for me to order a PERS for my loved one, but have the bill sent to me?

PERS companies usually have no problem with this, requiring billing instructions and information pertaining to you instead of your loved one.

How often is my loved one billed?

There are as many different ways to pay for a PERS as there are companies, so it is important to find out, up-front, what kind of payments are expected for the monitoring services. Will it be monthly billing? Will the initial cost of the PERS unit also include a month or two of service? If you go with a service that allows month-to-month payments, you will usually encounter very little problem or penalty should you need to cancel the service. Some also allow you to pay either annually (12 months at-a-time), semi-annually (six months at-a-time), or quarterly (every three months).

What other features do PERS offer?

Many of the systems include daily reminder notification, regarding medications, and appointments. Some systems also offer several benefits for loved ones who have different disabilities, like hearing impairment, visual impairment, and those who have mobility challenges. Some of these features include handsets that are hearing aid compatible, flashing keypad for incoming calls, oversized keypad numbers, and hands-free capability.


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