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The Eager Young Minds of Tomorrow
Prepare to Help Caregivers of Today
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 The most impressive aspect of this invention is that caregivers and their loved one’s will not have to reconstruct their bathroom in order to have the “Bath-o-Lift” in their home. It is being designed to retrofit the bathtub shower that already exists, as an attachment rather than a major home project requiring a bevy of professionals busting out walls and tearing out the bathtub. This will also help to keep the eventual cost of the “Bath-o-Lift” down ... yet another benefit for caregivers and their loved ones. And of course, the end-product will be battery operated. The “Bath-o-Lift” will definitely have a number of caregiver-friendly features which are not offered on the bathtub seat which is presently available.

As Director Dr. Rothstein put it, “The ‘Bath-o-Lift’ device underscores BEAM’s philosophy that ‘giving is the gift you give yourself,’ and it will help make a difference in the lives of those with special needs.” In-the-meantime, the BEAM students will be working hard on the “Bath-o-Lift” for its official presentation to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in March 2004, and this won’t be where the BEAM program, Dr. Rothstein, or the students will stop. There may very well be a patent in their future, and they will definitely be continuing to create devices that will best help and service the needs of the caregiving community. Dr. Rothstein is encouraging the caregiving community to submit more ideas for the BEAM team to tackle. “The elderly and the disabled make up a large percentage of our inner-city communities,” says Dr. Rothstein, “and they often live in homes that are not adapted to their special needs.” With young people like this looking towards the coming challenges of an aging Baby-Boomer population, there is hope that caregivers and their loved ones may one day experience as close to a stress-free existence as possible.

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