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Mobility Friendly Home
By Kate Shuman, Staff Writer

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  • Floor/area keeping as clutter-free as possible. Use shelves to store items, and place things which are used most on the bottom for easy-access. If parking the car inside, be sure that there is plenty of clearance on all sides to ensure safety when getting in and out of it, as well as when walking around it to get to something. Work benches should be kept clean, with any sharp or flammable items stored in their proper place, inside a safe container.

  • Door use an electric garage door opener with remote control and wall switch.


  • Stairs have the entire stairwell brightly lit, and clearly mark where stairs begin and end, either with brightly-colored tape or with directional lighting that can be concentrated at the exact points where stairs begin and end. Make sure that stairwells have banisters running the full length on both sides.

  • Hallways/corridors be sure that light switches are large and easy to reach and at the appropriate height. Install support bars, if needed, throughout the length of the corridor.

  • Doors mark thresholds with a strip of brightly-colored tape or paint. Use standard lever handles.

  • Alarms use a personal emergency response system which has a cordless alarm that can be worn around the wrist or neck. For a home alarm system, select a very simple model that connects to a telephone assistance service and uses a remote control or a swipe card to activate and deactivate.

  • Windows install windows which slide open and shut, or use windows that pivot and have lever-type handles for easy use.

  • Vacuum cleaner get a model thatís lightweight, easy-to-manage, and has an automatic cord-rewind. Be sure it has a three-pin electric plug with a ring handle for easy plugging and unplugging.

  • Washing machine/dryer select top loading machines. Get models that have touch-sensitive control panels, or controls with large knobs.


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