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Mobility Friendly Home
By Kate Shuman, Staff Writer

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  • Chairs when preparing meals, itís a good idea to have an office chair or studio chair to sit in while doing so.

  • Coffee maker choose a simple model with a handle thatís easy and comfortable to grip, and has an accurate spout. Consider getting an electric coffee maker; leave it plugged in permanently to make shutting it on and off easier.

  • Electrical sockets place appliances to give easy access to electrical sockets when needed.

  • Cupboards and drawers arrange food items on sliding trays and carousels. Place heavy items such as soup or vegetable cans at eye level. Select the most frequently used plates, cups, and cookware and place them within easy reach; avoid putting these things on high shelves. Put utensils in an easily accessible drawer. Carefully consider the needs of the person using the kitchen when selecting handles and knobs for cabinets and drawers.

  • Food cart utilize a food cart with wheels and at least two levels to serve meals. Food and dishes can be wheeled where needed and easily taken off and placed back on to cart.

  • Kitchen knives get knives that are right-angled or have a knob handle. Select chopping boards that are non-skid and easy to clean. For cutting food, get special utensils that have a cutting guide to keep the food and utensils safely in place.

  • Kitchen sink place a shock-absorbing rubber mat on the bottom. Install a mixer-tap with thermostat control instead of individual hot and cold handles.
    Microwave Ė choose a model that has touch-sensitive controls or soft-notched buttons.

  • Can opener use an electric can opener, and use specialized grips for tight jar lids.

Living room:

  • Armchairs get chairs with firm cushions to help make it easier when getting up; there are also chair lifts which can be placed in comfortable chairs, or easy-chairs that already have the lift built-in.

  • Bookcases keep the items which are least-used on the higher shelves and light the inside of the shelves.

  • Remote control get a universal remote that has large buttons; some of these also come illuminated.

  • Lamps be sure to use sturdy table or floor lamps that wonít easily tip over and will give off the amount of light desired; some lamps are touch-sensitive, and are easier to use for someone who may have problems manipulating a small switch.

  • Telephone itís best to use a cordless, allowing for use anywhere in the room; keep cords, base, and telephone connection out of the way of general passage areas.


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