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Mobility Friendly Home
By Kate Shuman, Staff Writer

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  • Bath/Shower use a non-slip mat on its floor. Keep bathing products close to where they are used, and make sure they are in easy-to-handle containers. Install support bars for gripping. For the tub, use a plug with a chain attached in order to safely unplug it. Fill the tub only half full, and use a thermostat-controlled tap. Consider using a bath/shower chair or a bath lift.

  • Personal care corner if you have room to do so, create an area in the bathroom thatís specifically for your loved one where they can sit down for personal activities. If the bathroom isnít big enough for this, try to place a comfortable chair that will fit at the bathroom counter just long enough for them to get ready with a bit more ease and remove when no longer needed.

  • Toothbrush get one with an enlarged handle for easy gripping, or consider purchasing an electric toothbrush.

  • Hairbrush use brushes and combs with long handles.
    Hairdryer and other electronic devices used for personal care - leave these permanently plugged in to avoid problems with taking the plugs in and out of a socket. Whenever possible, try and use cordless products.

  • Medicine Cabinet if thereís room, try and place it at eye level; otherwise, make arrangements to store medications and other toiletries that are needed with regularity in an easy-to-reach container.

  • Nail care always use nail clippers instead of nail scissors.

  • Floor use bathroom mats that have a non-skid backing.

  • Sink/tub/shower Install an individual tap for hot and cold; consider getting a thermostatic mixer tap for all water fixtures.

  • Toilet make sure it has a seat that raises the height of the toilet, and install support bars around the area.

  • Toilet paper dispenser use one that stays firmly attached to the wall and is in easy reach.

  • Door privacy; make sure that it can be easily unlocked from outside if needed, as well as using a lock thatís easy for the person on the inside.


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