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Medication Management

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The Medication Management Challenge
By Julie Fulmer-Mason, PharmD

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Limit Physicians Managing Medications

  • Communication between different physicians and different healthcare facilities is poor
  • Patients need to take proactive role of keeping ALL healthcare providers on same “playing field” in ensure quality care
  • Goal: Try to keep each medication under the control of one physician
  • A medication managed by multiple physicians increases risk of…
    • Inaccurate medication records
    • Duplication of therapy

Provide Home Medication List

  • At EVERY visit, provide list of prescription/ over-the-counter medications and vitamins
  • For each medication or vitamin, include…
    • Brand AND generic name
    • Dosage Strength
    • How you take it
    • Use calendar for “as needed” medications
      • Record date, time, and dosage strength taken
      • Helps to assess effectiveness of therapy

Ask Questions

  • YOU are in charge of your health, never be intimidated to question the care you receive
  • Engage your physician/pharmacist to review your medications at every visit…
    • Is it still necessary to continue some medications?
    • Can some medications be replaced with a combination product?
    • Do any of your medications come as a long-acting formulation?
    • Ask for alternatives if you cannot afford medications

Use One Pharmacy

  • Record of all dispensed prescriptions and refill dates in one place
  • Improves a pharmacist’s ability to catch…
    • Drug Interactions
    • Duplications of Therapy
    • Better coordination of refill dates
  • Establishes a personal relationship with a pharmacist
    • Possesses significant wealth of information
    • Offers free consultations, no appointment needed


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