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Long Distance Caregiving

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Understanding Telemedicine
By Peter P. Giacalone

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Providing such simple, reliable and effective in-home systems for a lifetime of health tracking and monitoring is priceless. It enables professional medical specialists, such as primary care physicians, to direct treatment and referrals in a precise manner — even if they are located on the other side of the world.

In 2006, these technological innovations will aid a growing number of individuals who cannot receive medical help regularly or find transportation during emergencies. Many individuals stranded in their homes during natural disasters or living in rural areas will be able to use the Internet and high-tech monitoring systems for immediate medical care and monitoring.

Telemedicine supports more than one-way communication of medical information. Through two-way voice communication, individuals in need can signal and speak with experienced licensed nurses, emergency medical technicians and police, fire and emergency dispatchers through an intercom, bracelet or pendant. Emergency and medical questions are answered fast; the right course of action is diagnosed within seconds.

Such vital services mean everything to those in need, their families and professionals who provide home healthcare. Knowing loved ones have the most up-to-date technology, such as convenient health monitoring, medical record archiving, Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking capabilities, inactivity detectors and medication alerts, along with 24-hour access to psychologists, counselors, licensed nurses, EMTs and police, fire and emergency officials brings an invaluable sense of peace of mind to subscribers.

While the personal touch is and will always remain the cornerstone of proper home health care, the security and home health care industries have created “compassionate technology,” which can better link people together in times of crisis.

In the coming months, watch for the union of telemedicine and two-way voice communication to become the “21st Century House Call,” revolutionizing home health care, alleviating the devastating effects following natural disasters and bringing a touch of soul to our technological world.


Peter P. Giacalone is executive vice president of SafetyCare™. For more information about SafetyCare™, please log on to


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