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CMT - Charcot-Marie-Tooth Channel

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Proper Footwear for People with CMT
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Can people with CMT get modifications in their old shoes as their conditions change?
Absolutely!  People with CMT know that their condition is progressive.  Their shoes should be modified to slow down the progression and provide improved balance, alignment and gait each step of the way. Also remember that shoes wear out; they should be repaired on a regular basis. This will also improve wear life. And, at a certain point, it is best to start with a fresh pair.  

Are any shoes already designed with extra room to fit braces, without having to get them modified?

There are many brands of ready-made shoes called Extra-Depth Shoes.  These are shoes designed and manufactured with extra room to specifically meet the accommodative needs of braces.  Also people should consider a shoe that goes above the ankle and a removable insole.

Can good shoes prevent further foot problems? Can it reduce the future severity of walking difficulties? 

We canít stop the progression of their condition.  We can help slow it down by helping them improve their body balance. Proper footwear can aid in ambulation and accommodate their feet, ankles and legs. 

Are there any insurance plans that would cover part of the shoe?

You would have to check with your insurance provider. This is something that varies considerably from policy to policy.

How do I know what type of features to look for to find the best shoe for me?
How can I find a pedorthist to set up a consultation? 

Go to the website, or to locate a pedorthist or pedorthic facility in your area.

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