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Young Cancer Spouses

by Sandra Ray, Staff Writer

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When roads diverge

Matt Herynk, Phd is a founding director along with Karen and Greg.  Matt’s wife was interviewed several months prior to her passing on October 6, 2007. 

Kara noted that while Matt has spent time researching cancer treatment on a professional basis, they will have disagreements on how to proceed with her treatment(s).  It is one thing when both spouses are uninformed about medical treatment.  Often, they can learn together, starting at the same point (and sometimes still disagreeing).

While neither Matt nor Kara chose to indicate a “clear winner” in the debates, they did make it clear that both parties have something to offer.  In Matt’s case, it was especially true, because he was able to translate the mish-mash of terminology and offer concrete explanations.  Kara had the advantage of having an instant translator at her disposal.

The Young Cancer Spouses group tries to offer that to couples, and Matt continues to break down the jargon for members who need it.

The years ahead

This group provides a network to help individuals who are age 20-39, approximately.  While they have limited the membership to just spouses or partners undergoing this journey, they realize the information may be of use to friends or family.  Their focus is to keep the help where it was originally targeted:  the young spouse whose life partner has been diagnosed with cancer.  A visit to the site is worth anyone’s time, and there are blogs and links to other sites that will help anyone, regardless of the role they play in the cancer patient’s life.


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