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Treatment Options for Ovarian Cancer
By Sandra Ray, Staff Writer

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Focusing on the patient and their need to make sense of their prognosis and treatment is only one role that the caregiver can play during treatment. There are several others. These can include support, research, communicating with physicians, and helping decide next steps, especially if the cancer recurs. Since ovarian cancer is silent with only few symptoms present in the initial stages, caregivers may experience the same types of frustration as the patient who encounters a diagnosis of advanced ovarian cancer. Getting rest and respite for the caregiver is much-needed and often encouraged by doctors who are working with the patient.

A positive treatment team can make a tremendous difference in the patientís outcome. While gains have been made with regard to the success in treating ovarian cancer, there is still much work that needs to be done. Communicating with the treatment team all symptoms and managing expectations of therapy can contribute to a patientís definition of success at any point in the process.


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